Whisper Demon | 32mm

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Whisper Demons are foul beings found lurking in the dark places of Stoica. They stalk the mossy forests of the north, quietly seeking out those who would break the silence. They track down noise and kill the person making it. Death by a whisper demon is torturous as it will often intentionally cause it's victim to suffer til their voice is raw and they can no longer scream.

Stands approx 75mm tall (at the top of the back spikes) on a 90mm base.

This is a highly detailed fantasy model. Custom scaling available upon request.

©Source models are copyright by Dragon Trappers Lodge and provided through license agreement.

*Filling, priming, sanding and painting is not complete. All models are physical objects that are 3d printed to order and shipped to you as a whole or in a kit (3D printed modular pieces) if the model has one (Mostly large miniatures/terrains).

About the material:
Resin models are printed at 30um to 50um layers giving the best detail possible depending on item. PLA models are printed between .08mm and .15mm layers for best possible detail. PLA is a compostable bioplastic. I work with my local authorities to recycle all products I can to include resin bottles which are otherwise toxic waste.

Materials: RESIN.

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